Balanced classes, awesome gameplay
  1. Active and helpfull staff
  2. Custom stats and drop on Raids
  3. Cool events
L2 Zethus
Interlude custom server

Kee voting for us !

Welcome on Line][age Zethus Interlude custom PvP server.
Keep voting so we can raise our comunity.
More Votes = More People = More PvP.
Please try and follow the rules or penalties will be enforced.

Login Server: Online
Game Server: Online
Support Us
New Patch added. Download it from HERE
Check the forum to see our changes and what the new patch cotains.

We are a new server wich will try to offer a custom gameplay to everyone who decide to join.
Our main goal is to see the satisfaction of players because if they are happy we can say that our work wasn't in vain.
What we ask from players is to support us in any kind they can. Every vote, everyone who share the server to others will be a huge help for us.
A bigger community will stimulate us to work harder until we reach a much better stability and balance of server.

Few features:

Unique Npc's.
Open areas for farm.
Reworked skills for pvp gameplay
Special Raidboss zone with auto flag
Individual vote reward npc.
Active and helpfull staff.
Custom items with special stats.
Funny names of items wich give a good disposal to players.
Balanced economy system.
Most of bugs are fixed.
DDoS protection.
And much more...

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